Morris & Watson can refine your sweep using state of the art refining techniques, We charge a nominal assay fee based on the number of metals traced along with a refining charge based on received weight.

We guarantee to process your sweep in the most efficient manner and give you the best possible return on your sweep shipment, providing prompt payment or return of metals in bullion or fabricated forms.

Depending on their origin, sources of sweeps can be summarised as follows:

Jewellery sweeps: vacuuming or sweeping waste from production areas where precious metal is present, polishing dust normally collected in extraction units, hand wash which is normally collected in water traps installed prior to the exit drain, sand paper, polishing mops, carpets, lino, floor boards, pretty much any type of waste which contains precious metals.

Processing time for sweeps is approximately 10 working days.


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Refining Sweep