For over 40 years, Morris & Watson has combined impeccable craftsmanship with advanced technology to produce high quality results for clients throughout the world.

Offering complete jewellery casting and manufacturing services and our expertise spans the entire spectrum of precious metal casting, including moulding and cutting, coupled with the latest 3D printing technologies and experienced CAD designers to offer a complete casting service.

We handle one-of-a-kind pieces for bespoke jewellery manufacturers or large runs for corporate clients. We can manage both simple and more complex projects and can accommodate any size jewellery ranges and always aim to deliver on time. We understand that mould/design security is paramount for all of our jewellery manufacturers and work hard to provide a secure service for our clients.

Casting Great QualityConsistent High Quality
Our processes and skilled personnel, enables us to significantly reduce your finishing time and therefore reduce your costs.
Casting DeliveryFour Day Delivery
Your order will be dispatched within four working days from the day we receive your order, providing we have the mould. Platinum casts will take an extra two days.
Casting Competitive PricingCompetitive Prices
We offer highly competitive prices and we’re confident we offer you the best price we can.
Casting Sprues RemovedSprues Removed
All sprues will be cut off at 3mm, unless otherwise specified. This reduces your finishing time and lessens your overall cost.
Casting SprueingMulti Sprueing
An effective way to further reduce your costs. Contact us to check if this service will suit your business.
Casting MouldCold Liquid Mould
Suitable for master patterns that can’t withstand the temperatures and pressures of the vulcanising process.


Australia – Customer Service
FREECALL 1800 469 088
BRISBANE +61 7 3871 0999 or
SYDNEY +61 2 9261 1922

New Zealand – Customer Service
FREECALL 0800 500 654 or
AUCKLAND +64 9 634 2035