Precious metal scraps are identifiable solid scrap jewellery, silverware, coins or any item containing precious metals. Scraps can also include clean alloy scrap originating from Morris and Watson such as sprues and plate offcuts.

Morris and Watson can refine your scrap using state of the art refining techniques. We charge a nominal assay fee based on the number of metals analysed, along with a refining charge based on received weight.

We guarantee to process your scrap in the most efficient manner and give you the best possible return on your scrap shipment, providing prompt payment or return of metals in bullion or fabricated forms or bank transfer to the value of your scrap.

We have served jewellery manufacturers, goldsmiths, pawnshops, dentists and laboratories, physics departments, metal detector hobbyists and the general public for more than 90 years.


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Refining Scrap

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