Lemel is a jewellery trade term for the small shavings of precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinium and Palladium that are left over from filing and other techniques that handmade jewellery pieces require. Think of it as the wood workshop equivalent of sawdust.

These filings are commonly caught in a tray or skin as it is refered to under the benches and swept up and placed in a lemel jar. The lemels can then be sent to our refinery to be melted down and refined into separate metal elements, which can then be sent back and used in the jewellery manufacturing process.

Types of lemels include: High-grade bench scrap, filings, small pieces of scrap and sprues.

Morris & Watson can refine your lemels using state of the art refining techniques, We charge a nominal assay fee based on the number of metals traced along with a refining charge based on received weight.

We guarantee to process your lemels in the most efficient manner and give you the best possible return on your lemel shipment, providing prompt payment or return of metals in bullion or fabricated forms.

We can supply lemel jars which can be used to safely transport/courier the lemel, please contact our helpfull team and they will send you a complementary jar to safely send your precious lemel to us.

Processing time for lemels is approximately five working days.


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Refining Lemel