Precious Metal Refining Tips

Morris & Watson offers a superior precious metal refining service for jewellery manufacturers throughout Australasia and have done so for more than six decades.

We want you to get the most out of your refining shipment, so we’ve put together these helpful precious metal refining tips:

  1. Separate your silver where possible.

  2. Avoid any non-precious metal items being placed in sweeps or lemels as this will giving conflicting results

  3. Things like light bulbs, batteries, crucibles, tin cans etc should not be placed in sweeps.

  4. Separate palladium and platinum lemel and/or scrap from your regular refining jobs. Refining jobs with very high palladium and platinum contents are digested with acid to give an accurate assay results.

  5. Separate your lemel and/or scrap from your sweeps.

  6. When sending handwash or sludge, filter out the liquid and air dry the materials to
    reduce shipment weight, thus saving on refining costs.

  7. If possible, the customer should provide adequate information of the physical composition of his refining jobs, e.g. jobs with titanium, stainless steel, etc. to guide the refiner on what proper refining process to undertake.


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