Square Wires

A square wire begins as continuous cast round rod/wire or cast billet, which then undergoes a very specific rolling and annealing process to produce a top quality square wire. Square wires are particularly useful in the manufacturing of hand made jewellery as they are very workable and easily formed.

Rolled square wire offers many advantages as it can be reduced further in size. It can be used to make other shapes such as round, d shape or oval, can also be flat rolled into plate form.

Square wires are available in many different alloys like Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. We offer square wire in stock gauges of 3mm, 5mm and 6mm in various lengths up to 600mm long. Other rolled size’s are available from 1.0mm to 12.0mm, these will be made to order.

There is also sharp edged square wire formed through draw plates which are also made to order.

We fabricate all the square wire at our own premises and guarantee the quality. Orders can be placed by weight or length.