Plate & Sheet

Plate (or Sheet) refers to flat sheets in shapes such as rectangles or squares which are most commonly used for cutting or piercing shapes and patterns out of, or shaping into things such as cups bowls domes and settings. The procedure for forming plate from ingots is very exact and has evolved over the years to give superior finishing and polishing qualities.

Strip is plate that is generally longer than it is wide. Strip is commonly used for stamping and pressing applications, although it can be used in hand made jewellery manufacturing for various applications. Strip has exceptional finishing properties and general work-ability.

We have a complete range of alloys and have developed specific alloys for specific applications. Please discuss your requirements with us so we can make the best recommendation. Plate Sizes are totally flexible though our standard widths are 150mm wide x 600mm long for Silver and Gold alloys. Thickness range from 0.2mm thick up to 6.0mm thick. Platinum and Palladium is also available in most commonly used sizes.

Plate and sheet is priced per gram. Click here to use the the plate calculator in our calculators section in the link below to determine the approximate weight of plate you need based on your dimensions and the alloy you require.


Plate & sheet and strip/bezel are similar products that have slightly different manufacturing processes. If you require plate & sheet, the below criteria must be satisfied. If your requirements are outside of the below specifications, then the product you will be supplied may be strip/bezel or may not able to be manufactured.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Specification limits for plate & sheet:

General: If width less than 20mm, then strip/bezel will be supplied.

Other specifications;

  • Min length: 4.0mm
  • Max Length: 500.0mm
  • Min width:
    • If under 100mm in length, 3.0mm
    • If 100-250mm in length, 4.0mm
    • If over 250mm, 10.0mm
  • Max width
    • Custom fabricated: 200mm
    • Normal stock: 250mm

Plate Wire Formula