Half Round Wire

Half-round wire is most commonly used in jewellery manufacturing to create bracelets, bangles, earrings, necklaces, brooches and rings. Like the name implies, half-round wire is flat on one side and curved on the opposite side.

All Half Round Wire is available in Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. These are available in the size’s shown in the charts below. We coil all half round wires as standard. If you require the wire straight or free coiled please request this when ordering. The standard inside diameter is 65mm I/D or size 8 however other internal diameters are available upon request from 41.1mm I/D to 76.3mm I/D. Orders can be placed by weight, inside diameter or length. We fabricate all half round wire at our own premises and guarantee quality.

This table references available gauges that are held in stock and the approximate grams per metre for the various alloys and sizes.


DW29132.9 x 1.331.644.229.1
DW35153.5 x 1.543.166.143.4
DW39173.9 x 1.758.982.554.2
DW44194.4 x 1.974.2103.968.2
DW50225.0 x 2.288.8124.381.7
DW55235.5 x 2.3119.2164.2109.6
DW60256.0 x 2.5128.3179.6118
DW70267.0 x 2.6147.7206.8135.9
DW80308.0 x 3.0202.7283.8186.5
DW1003310.0 x 3.3261.3365.8240.4

This table references available gauges that are made to order upon request.

#Width x Height mm#Width x Height mm#Width x Height mm#Width x Height mm
32.72 x 1.27131.60 x 0.75124.84 x 2.35223.78 x 1.90
42.61x 1.21141.50 x 0.70134.70 x 2.31233.68 x 1.85
52.51x 1.16151.39 x 0.65144.60 x 2.26243.53 x 1.76
62.36 x 1.08161.30 x 0.60154.44 x 2.21253.43 x 1.72
72.24 x 1.02171.21x 0.56164.35 x 2.17263.35 x 1.65
82.15 x 0.96181.11 x 0.51174.25 x 2.12273.24 x 1.61
92.05 x 0.91191.00 x 0.46184.17 x 2.08283.16 x 1.57
101.92 x 0.87200.92 x 0.43194.05 x 2.03293.05 x 1.51
111.84 x 0.85204.00 x 2.00302 .98 x 1.48
121.72 x 0..80213.89 x 1.96312.90 x 1.45