CAD Design

For over 40 years, Morris & Watson has combined impeccable craftsmanship with advanced technology to produce high quality results for clients throughout the world.

CAD jewellery design has created the opportunity to expand the possibilities of design and manufacture. From the simplest idea to the most intricate design, the only limitation is your imagination.

We create realistic photo renders for your clients or web site. Easily change your design to suit before finalising.

The CAD designs are then 3D printed with our in-house wax printers and cast using our decades of expertise and alloying experience (click here to find out about our 3d printing services)

With this technology and fast turnaround times, you can take on more clients and let us do the work. With over a decade of experience with this new technology you can be assured that you are in good hands.

The best way to communicate your design to us is by completing our CAD design form.

Click the link below to download our CAD design form. Please complete with as many details as possible with sketches of you design. Please return the completed for to the relevant email address listed on the form.

The Process

Step 1

Its as simple as send us a sketch or an image with a brief description

Step 2

We send you our representation for you to sign off

Step 3

We 3D print your wax

Step 4

Then we cast your piece in your preferred metal and send the unfinished castings to your door

Price List

Examples of our work

Click the link below to download our latest CAD/CAM brochure

MW CADCAM Brochure 2018 v2


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